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Our dedicated VAT professionals are completely focused towards providing you the best VAT services from VAT registration to VAT accounting. We keep a close watch on each and every transaction and our reports provide you the most comprehensive picture of your finances. With VAT date getting nearer, we are going to make sure that our company is ready to reside and prosper within this new tax regime. To that end, our accounting services are focused upon making your company suitable to handle the dynamic nature of VAT. Our VAT services include:

Our VAT Services are -

  • VAT Registration
  • VAT Returns
  • VAT Compliance
  • VAT Advisory
  • VAT Implementation
  • Tax Agent Service
Get Timely and Accurate Bookkeeping Service

Our dedicated professionals provide accurate and reliable bookkeeping services. The timely recording of the transactions and information mainly includes Bookkeeping for accounts receivable, Bookkeeping for accounts payable, reconciliation of ledgers, maintenance of cash book, recording of accounting transaction, reconciliation of credit cards, accrual recordings and maintenance of Sales, purchase and fixed asses register.

Our Bookkeeping Services are -

  • Bookkeeping
  • Regular Accounting
  • VAT Accounting

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How We Work

Information Acquisition

We gather the information that we need to make you VAT Ready!

Application Filing

Using the information gathered, we begin to file the application for VAT registration!

Application Drafting

We then complete the first draft of the application

Confirming the changes

We then confirm the changes of the application with you.

Download your E Book

Download your E Book

With VAT about to arrive in bahrain, there are a bunch of services and operations that are needed to be addressed, managed and advised. Therefore, we present to you our E Book. It entails everything that is needed for you to be VAT Ready.

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How to Prepare the VAT Invoices in Bahrain?

25th October 2018

It is a legal requirement for every business unit registered under the Value Added Tax regime to raise and issue the VAT invoice or the tax invoice for each of the supply made. Failing to issue the can lead to non-compliance and result in the levy of heft penalties and the punishments.

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How Small Businesses Can Manage VAT Compliance in Bahrain ?

25th October 2018

In Bahrain the Value Added Tax (VAT) a new taxation regime will be introduced from 1st January 2019. The business units falling in the tax brackets are not only required to obtain the registrationbut are also required to fulfill the VAT compliances in order to avoid the levy of hefty penalties and punishments.

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VAT compliance a Challenge for Bahrain Businesses Firms

24th October 2018

Due to the novelty of the concept of Value Added tax in Bahrain being compliant with the rules and regulations of this law is in itself a challenge for the businesses and the tax authorities. There is a lot of confusion among people regarding the implications of the new concepts of the VAT. With this blog we will take a look at the major challenges the business entities are required to face under the VAT regime.

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